Computer Technology

TestOut PC PROComp TIA CertifiedIT Fundamentals

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY I: Exploration 727A 1 credit Year 1

Students will explore various computer technology careers through hands on labs and exercises in order to experience the broad world of computer science and information technology. Students will also learn the history behind of some of today's biggest technology companies including Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Students will begin to explore the creative process through programming with website and game design tools. Students who complete year one will have a basic understanding of computer technology and will be ready to begin training for the CompTIA IT fundamentals certification in year 2.

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY II: Systems, Software & Applications 737A 1 credit Year 2

Students will work hands on with technology and will learn how technology works from the inside out. Students will learn to repair, build, and design computer systems, while learning the foundations of application development. Students will also work toward the CompTIA IT fundamentals certification and receive in depth customer service training in the process. Students who complete year 2 will gain all of the skills necessary to begin training as a service technician.

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY III: Cyber Security & Forensics 747A 2 credits Year 3

Students will explore the world of cyber security though concurrent enrollment at URI while working towards the CompTIA A+ certification. A+ is an industry recognized credential that proves to employers that a candidate has received the proper training to begin installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating personal computers. Students will also continue to build on their technical and customer service skills through laboratory experimentation. Students who complete year 3 will have the credentials and training to work creatively toward the certification of their choice. Students will participate in an internship during year three.

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY IV: Digital Design Studio 777 1 credit Year 4 

Digital Design Studio is the year four experience for students enrolled in the Computer Technology Program. It is also available as an elective credit to all other students who demonstrate a proficiency in computer technologies. Students will engage in a studio experience designed to allow for the creative and digital application of technology skills. Students can focus on application testing, application development, web design, game design, or the use of technology to address a school or community problem. Students work to produce, promote, and distribute creative work while understanding hardware issues, software issues and models, the interactions between these issues, and related applications. Students who complete the program will have the credentials, experience, and 21st century skills to enter college or start a career in information technology.